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Barbara Nessim

Born, lives and works in New York City.
BFA, Pratt Institute

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Gallery Representation/Affiliation

2009-Present:   Rick Davidman - DFN Gallery, Owner/Director - New York, NY
2006-Present:   Sienna Gallery - Sienna Patti, Owner/Director - Lenox, MA

2005-Present:   Jill Brienza, Artist Representative
2001-2005:       bitforms gallery – Steve Sacks, Founder, Director – NY, NY (www.bitforms.com)

1996-2001:       The Roger Smith Gallery - Jill Brienza, Director - NY, NY

1989-2003:       The Williams Gallery - Mary Lou Bock, Director /Owner, Princeton, NJ

1994-1995:       Whitehall Gallery - Louis. (Branco) Director/Owner NY, NY

1990-1994:       Rempire Fine Arts - Richard Berger & Louis. (Branco) directors /owners, NY, NY

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Solo Exhibitions

2009: "The Model Project", DFN Gallery, Cur. Jill Brienza and Rick Davidman, New York, NY, November 11–December 5
         "The Model Project", Sienna gallery, Cur. Sienna Patti, Lenox, MA, September 25–October 27
         "Graphic Change: The Art of Barbara Nessim", Norman Rockwell Museum, Cur. Stephanie Plunkett,
           Stockbridge, MA, September 26–November 25. Read an article about this event.

2003: "Black Truths / White Lies", bitforms gallery, Cur. Steve Sacks, NY, NY, Oct 25–Nov 29

2007: "WomanGirl", Sienna gallery, Cur. Sienna Patti, Lenox, MA, July 13–August 7
         "Transition", Sienna gallery, Cur. Sienna Patti, Lenox, MA, June 15–July 11

2003: "Black Truths / White Lies", bitforms gallery, Cur. Steve Sacks, NY, NY, Oct 25–Nov 29

1999: "Visual Solutions", Normal Rockwell Museum, Cur. Maude Ayson; Stockbridge, MA, Nov–May

1995: "Random Access Memories", Colombo/Americano Museum, Bogota, Colombia, April

1994: "Random Access Memories", Adams Landing Art Center, Cincinnati, OH, Dec 14, 1993–March 15, 1994

1993: "Random Access Memories", Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ, Oct 4–Nov 25
         "Art for a Brave New World", Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, MT, Dec 4–Jan 31

1992: "Random Access Memories" Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, Oct 13–Nov 15

1991: "Random Access Memories", Rempire Fine Art & Gallery, NY, NY, April–May
         "Random Access Memories", Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo, CO, June–Aug
         "Random Access Memories", mini-book installation, S. Conneticut State University; New Haven, CT, June
         "Similar But Not The Same-Part II", Verbum Gallery, Cur. Michael Gosney; San Diego, CA, May–June

1989: "Similar But Not the Same", Grace Gallery, New York Technical College; NY, NY, Oct
         "Artware/Kunst Electronic", Sponsored by Seimens Corp.,Cur. David Galloway; Hannover, Germany, March

1987: "The Art of Barbara Nessim", Fine Arts Gallery, Spokane Falls Community College; Spokane, WA, Jan

1986: "The Work of Barbara Nessim", Shiseido Ginza Gallery; Tokyo, Japan, Sept

1983: "The Art of Barbara Nessim", Coors Gallery; Golden, CO, July

1977: Hampshire College Gallery; Amherst, MA, Mar

1974: The Benson Gallery, Cur. Elaine Benson; Bridgehampton, Long Island NY, July

1973: Corridor Gallery, Cur. Paul Spina; SoHo, NY

1971: "Introducing", The Triangle Gallery - Cur. Lynn Schnurnberger; NYC, NY

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Group Exhibitions (selected from 250 shows since 1963)

2009: "2009 Annual International Print Show: Views of Women and Nature," The Williams Gallery, Cur. Mary Lou Bock,          Davie, FL, May 2–May 25

2008: "American Illustration 25 Anniversary Timeline," Art Center College of Design, Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery,
          Cur. Stephen Nowlin, Pasadena, CA, June 12–August 24

2007: "Postcards from the Edge,"Invitational 10th Annual Visual AIDS Benefit hosted by James Cohan Gallery, Cur.          Nelson Santos, New York, NY, Nov. 30–Dec. 2
         "Computer Graphics Invitational" Mariani Gallery, Cur. Anna Ursyn, Greeley, CO, Nov. 7–Dec. 7
         "What F Word?" Cynthia Broan Gallery, Cur. Carol Cole Levin, Chelsea, NY, February 15–March 15

2004: "The Transparent Network", Digital Be-In 13 at SOMARTS Gallery, Cur. Michael Gosney, San Francisco,
         CA, May 29
         "Digital Selections", Schick Art Gallery at Skidmore College, Cur. Bruce Wands, Saratoga Springs, NY,
         April 20–May 21, June 2–12
         "Byte: Digital Technology Creates New Art Forms", Nassau County Museum of Art, Nassau, NY, Jan. 18–April 25
         "Women in Illustration: Contemporary Visions and Voices", Norman Rockwell Museum, Cur. Stephanie Plunkett,
         Stockbridge, MA, March 6–May 31
         "Women Illustrators: Art for the Printed Page", Kingsborough Community College, Cur. Judith Wilde, Brooklyn, NY,

2003: "Preview" show of artists for the new season's exhibitions. Bitforms Gallery, Cur. Steven Sacks, Chelsea, NY,
         "2003 International Women Designers Exhibition", Seoul Arts Center, Cur. Andrew Chang, Korea, May 31–June 8

2002: "A Teachers Legacy", show of Roger Crossgrove's students at the Babbage Art Gallery U. of Conn. Stoors, CT,
         April 14–30
         "Alan E. Cober Memorial Exhibition", two guest artists Barbara Nessim and Sue Coe, Buffalo State University. NYC,
         "Prevailing Human Spirit", exhibition commemorating the events on September 11, 2001, Society of Illustrators,
         New York, NY

2001: "bitforms Inaugural Exhibition", bitforms gallery, Cur. Steve Sacks, Nov
         "ACM1: Beyond Cyberspace", San Jose State University; San Jose, CA, Mar 10–14
         "A Century of Women Illustrators", S.J.State U, Cur. Alice Carter, Courtney Granner; San Jose, CA, Mar 11–
Apr 8
2000: "Illustrating Women", Ringling School of Art and Design, Cur. Laura Avery; Sarasota, FL, Nov 10–Dec 15
         "American Graphics and Design", Donduk Women's Univ., Cur. Andrew Chang; Seoul, Korea, May 22–27
         "Old & New Expectations: Women Through the Millenium", The Williams Gallery, Cur. Mary Lou Bock; Mar

         "Plugged-in: Art with and Electrical Connection", Ringling School of Art and Design, Cur. Laura Avery; Sarasota,
Mar 3–Apr 1

1999: "Seventh Annual Digital Salon," SVA Visual Arts Museum, Cur. Bruce Wands; NYC, Nov 8–Dec 10 - traveled

         "Electronic Rituals", Intermedia Arts Minneapolis, Cur. Joan Truckenbrod; MN, Nov 5–Dec

1998: "Siggraph 25th Anniversary Invitational", Cur. Joan Truckenbrod; Orlando, FL, Jul
         "WYSIWYG", California State University, Cur. Tony Longson; Los Angeles, CA, Apr 26–May 22
         "Digital Fine Arts Exhibit", Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, Ulster County Community College; NYC, Mar–Apr
         "The Digital Print Exhibit/Workshop", A.I.R. Gallery, 40 Wooster St.; NYC, Jan 6–Jan 24

1997: "Fifth Annual Digital Salon", SVA Visual Arts Museum, NY, NY, Nov 17–Dec 13
         "The Art Exchange Show", The Roger Smith Gallery, Cur. Jill Brienza; Art Exchange NYC, May 28–Jun 7
         "Sangre de Cristo: Retrospective 25", Sangre de Cristo Art Center, Pueblo, CO, May 15–Aug 30
         "A Digital Interface", ACM/Siggraph traveling show, Marist College Art Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY, Apr 3–Apr 27
         "ACM/Siggraph Expo", Cur. Patric Prince San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, Mar 1–4

1996: "Fourth Annual Digital Salon", ACM Siggraph, SVA Visual Arts Museum, Nov 11–Dec 6
         "Computer Art", Art Builders Gallery, Dir. Barbara Meise; Jersey City, NJ, Sept 6–9
         "Elastic Visions", Catherine Smith Gallery, Boone, NC, Nov 8–Dec 13

         • Portsmouth Museum, Portdmouth, VA May 3–Jun 16
         "Twelve Digital Artists: A Salute to Digital Art on Broad Street,", AudArt Gallery, NYC, July 1–Aug 1
         "Deus ex Machina", W. Keith and Janet Kellogg Gallery, CSPU Pomona, CA; Feb 15–Mar 15
         "Van Go!", Susquehanna Art Museum, Cur. P. Murray, Harrisburg, PA, Jan–July

1995: "Art, Design and Barbie", Liberty Street Gallery, NY, NY

1994: "Binary Visions", Williams Gallery, Princeton, NJ
         "Elastic Visions", Penn State University, University Park, PA
         "Blue Angel", Galerie Mainz, Berlin, Germany
         "Siggraph '94 Art & Design Show", Orlando, FL
         "Artists Shedding Light on Science", San Francisco State Univ SF, CA

1993: "The Abandoned Shoe", Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Bonn, Germany
         "New York Digital Salon", The Art Director's Club, juried, NY
         "Discoveries IX", The Arsenal Gallery, NY, NY
         "Computer Influences", Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA
         "Salon of Independent Artists", Cyberspace Gallery, West Hollywood, CA
         "The New Images", Montage '93, Rochester, NY
         "Computer Age Fine Art", Williams Gallery for Merrill Lynch, Princeton, NJ
         "The Artist & the Computer", Hastings on the Hudson Gallery, Hastings, NY

1992: "ARTEX '92", Japan International Contemporary Art Assoc., Tokyo, Japan
         "Seoul International Computer Art Festival", Seoul, Korea
         "SCAN '92", Philadelphia, PA
         "Send us a Fish!", Arny•kk•t•k Electrographic Art, Budapest, Hungary
         "Siggraph '92 Art Show", Chicago, Illinois
         "Computer Art?", Long Island University, Brookville, NY
         "Computer Age Fine Art", The Williams Gallery, Princeton, NJ
         "8 American Woman Artists-My Private New York", Shiseido The Ginza Gallery,Tokyo, Japan
         "Computer Graphics, State of the Art Show", Univ. Wuppertal:Offenbach; Munich; Berlin, Germany
         "American Art Today: Surface Tension", Florida Internat'l Univ, Miami, Florida
         "In Context: Digital Expression", Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

1991: "Siggraph '91 Art Show", Juried; Las Vegas, Nevada;traveled internationally
         "Computers and the Creative Process", University of Oregon Museum of Art

1990: "Fotographie, Wissenschaft und Neue Technologein", Kunts Museum D•sseldorf, Germany, Dec–Jan
         "Works on Paper", Berkshire Art Museum, Cur. Charlotta Kotick/Brooklyn Museum; Pittsfield, MA, Oct
         Infinite Illusions", Smithsonian Institute, Cur. Joanne Gigliotti; Wash. D.C., Sept
         "Siggraph '90 Art Show", Computer Museum, Juried; Boston, MA - June/Jan Traveled 3 venues
         Hudson River Museum - Dir.Phillip Vare; Yonkers, NY, July 90–Sept 92
         "2nd Digitart International Competition", Ernst Museum (first prize winner); Budapest, Hungary, Jan–Feb
         "Trans-Art", Galerien im Kreishaus, Artware, Cur. David Galloway, Christian Sabisch; Koln, Germany, Jan
         "Siggraph '89", Traveling art show Adelaide Arts Festival, Cur. Patric Prince; Australia, Feb/July (5 venues)
         "Confluence", Reina Sofia Arts Center, Cur. Monxto Algora; Madrid, Spain

1989: "New American Talent -89 /90", Laguna Gloria Art Museum (Jurors Award) Cur. John Caldwell; Cat., TX Trvl
         "Siggraph'89 Art Show", Computer Museum,Juried, art chosen for announcement; Boston, MA. July/Aug 4
         "WYSIWYG", Johnstown Art Museum Featured Artist, Catalog; Johnstown, PA - Jan/Feb

1988: "Art in the Computer Age", Cincinnati Museum, Cur. Cynthia Goodman Catalog/Book; Cincinnati, OH
         "Imagine", Computer Art Museum - Invitational; Boston, MA
         "Siggraph '88 Art Show", Juried; Atlanta, GA, July 31/Aug 6
         "Art & The Computer Age", I.B.M. Museum, Cur.Cynthia Goodman Catalog/Book;NY April

1987: "Art in the Computer Age", Everson Museum, Cur. Cynthia Goodman Catalog/Book; Syracuse, NY Sept–Nov
         "Underground Images - SVA - The First 40 Years", The Cooper Hewitt Museum; NYC, July
         "Computer Art" M.I.T. Museum; Cambridge, MA, April
         "The Statute of Liberty: A Contemporary Graphic View", The New York State Museum; Albany, NY, Jan

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2009: Permanent installation: Multiple large murals commissioned for eVenti Hotel, 6th Avenue, New York, NY

2007: Three digital paintings (two 12' x 13' each, one 49.25" x 53") commissioned for lobby and common area of          Centria, at 18 West 48th Street, NYC, titled "A Trinity of Sages," "The Night is Silent," and "Personal Number"

2004: Two digital paintings, (70" x 54" each) commissioned for lobby of new luxury rental building at

          600 Washington Street, NYC, titled "Curious Secret" and "Unspoken Home"       

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Public Collections (selected)

• Norman Rockwell Museum • Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England • Sz•pm•v•szeti Museum, Budapest, Hungary • The Museum of Modern Art - Lund Kunsthall, Lund, Sweden • The Smithsonian Institution • The World Trade Center observation deck "The Bride Price" on permanent exhibition • Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, Sketch Book; Library Collection • Arizona State University • The Henry Babbage Library Art Gallery at University of Connecticut, Stoors

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Corporate Collections (selected)


• Centria Condo Corp 18 W. 48th St. NYC • 600 Washington Street Public Space NYC • McDonald Corporation • Herman Miller Inc. • Martin L. Landey Inc. • Moness,Williams and Sidel, Inc. • National Lead Industries • Shearson, Hammil & Co., Inc. • Warren Communications Westinghouse, Inc. Huntington Block • Environmental Solutions LTD

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Private Collections (selected)

• Mr.& Mrs. Robert Benton • Mr.& Mrs. Walter and Bina Bernard • Mr. Ivan Chermayeff • Mr. & Mrs. Rudolf De Harak • Mr. and Mrs. Milton Glaser • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goodman • Mr. & Mrs. S. Hallander • Ms. Barbara Hauben Ross • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hendel • Ms. Ali McGraw • Ms. Jane O'Reily • Mr. Gordon Parks • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Patti • Ms. Bettina Riedel • Dr. & Mrs. George Rieveschl, Jr • Mr. Herbert Sargent • Mr. & Mrs. Erik and Dawn Schmall • Ms.Gloria Steinem • Ms. Jane Trahey • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wilding • The Estates of: Mr.Vladimir Brailowsky • Marc Bolan • Mr. Paul Desmond • Richard Lindner • Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Newhouse

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Selected Awards

First Artist Laureate of the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA - Sept. 26. Read an article about this award.

Communication Arts Illustration Annual 46

Applied Arts Annual 99,  

         American Illustration 18 Competition

1998: International New Media Design Festival,   •Public Intimacy• www/Multimedia, Honorable Mention, May 2

         Siggraph Pioneer Deck of Cards- 25th Annual Conference

         SPD Merit Award, New York Times Magazine Cover: "Breast Cancer at 35: A Diary of Youth and Loss,• March

1995: Special Recognition Award-Graphic Artist Guild

1990: Mac World "Macintosh Masters Art Contest" Honors

         2nd International Digitart Competition. First Prize 45,000 Forints - Exhibition: Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary

1989: New American Talent '89/'90 "Juror's Choice Award" Juror John Caldwell, Cur. MoMA, San Francisco, CA

1960-98: Over 200 awards for excellence in fine art & illustration, The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration
         and many more.

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Radio and Television

1999: "Barbara Nessim at Norman Rockwell Museum", 2 min interview w/show on NBC, channel 22;
         Springfield, MA, Feb 5

1995: "Art, Design and Barbie", CNN
         "Colombian Culture", TV interview on RAM Exhibition with translator for Colombian TV
         "Falling Dominoes...and the Spread of AIDS", Volunteer Service Commercial

1994: "Siggraph 94", interview; Japanese television
         "Siggraph 94", CNN Future Watch segment, painting "Veiled Egg" appeared in feature

1992: "Falling Dominos: The Spread of AIDS", public service announcement, produced by John Golobe

1991: "Tatyana Mamonova Presents Remarkable Women of America", shown on Cable TV & Soviet TV
         "Art Breaking: Random Access Memories", WBAI, Host/Moderator - Charles Finch - April 25

1990: "One Norway Street", Skylar Scheuyler Host; Boston PBS Cable TV, Christian Science Monitor sponsor

1989: "Art Seen: Barbara Nessim, Computer Art", Produced by David Howard, aired on cable throughout the USA

1986: Radio Free Europe "Voice of America", interviewed along with Diana Bryan
         The Marilyn Sokol Show - WBAI

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Internet Profiles

2007: Artnet featured in Artist Work Catalogues


2005: "Barbara Nessim - New York" by Audrey Regan - included in AudArtGallery.com artist directory


2001: "Close Up/Barbara Nessim" by Lauren Fortin - feature artist on Portfolios.com


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Internet Work, Art, Essays, and Published Writings

2000: "Line of Least Resistance", Essay - The Education of an Illustrator by Heller and Arisman, Allworth Press

1998: "Sight Lines: For Mona Lisa", Essay, Leonardo Special Issue: Sixth Annual Digital Salon

1997: "Global Collaboration Renga '97", On view at: http://www.renga.com/archives/global/
         "Of Walls and Windows", Essay, Leonardo Special Issue: Fifth Annual Digital Salon, Vol. 30, #5

"Get Lost or Found", Essay, Leonardo Special Issue: Fourth Annual Digital Salon, Vol. 29, #5

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Articles Written About Work (selected from 120+)

2007: Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art and Design, Vol. 3 No. 2, "News & Views: Barbara Nessim" pg. 2-3

2005: Step Inside Design, Vol. 21 No. 6, "What Inequality?," by Anne Telford, pg. 90, Nov/Dec

2004: 3 x 3: The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, Vol. 1 No.3, "Icon No. 2: Barbara Nessim", interviewed by Charles          Hively, pg. 4–5
         2003 Student Illustrators Annual Sponsored by 3 x 3 Magazine, "Educator: Illustrator of the Year: Barbara Nessim",
         interviewed by Charles Hively, pg. 2–5

2001: Communication Arts "Barbara Nessim", by Ellen Shapiro, pg. 88–99, March/April

2000: US1, "Women: Old and New Expectations", by Pat Summers, cover art, pg. 28–29, March 22

1999: The Japan Times, "Illustrating Graphic Change in Art", by Jane Faulders pg. 13, July 18
         The Artful Mind, "Barbara Nessim: Artist of The World", Interview by Alison Hayes pg. 36–37 May

1998: Graphics World, "Global Digital Art Scene: Barbara Nessim", by Takahisa Iwayoshi, Oct

1997: Leonardo: "Windows on the Wall", by Barbara Nessim, catolog issue of the "Digital Salon", Nov
         Rhizome, On-Line Magazine, written about conference, "Women and the Art of Multi-media" and participants

1996: Graphic Design Korean Magazine, 8 pgs. Dec
         Leonardo: "Get Lost and Found", by Barbara Nessim, catolog issue of the "Digital Salon" Nov

1995: Sunday Patriot Times (Harrisburg, PA) "Artist Draws on Social Issues", by Sandy Cullen, pg.E1, E8, Nov 5
         Communication Arts article on "The Women's Room", by Anne Telford, pg. 80, Jan/Feb

1994: Computer Artist, "Gallery" section; artwork shown with statement: 6/7 & 8/9/94

The Phoenix Gazette, Tempe Community,"Random Access Artwork", by Steve Cheeseborough, Oct

1992: CompuServe Magazine, "Barbara Nessim", by H. Newer, Apr
         Electronic Print, "Barbara Nessim", Curriculum Vitae; Oct/Nov
         Verbum, "The Artists Voice", by Michael Gosney, Virtual Reality Issue; Winter

1991: Cover Magazine, "Barbara Nessim, Rempire Gallery", by Jeff Wright; Summer Issue
         Omni Magazine, "Barbara Nessim, Pictorial Essay", 6 pgs, May
         Forbes Magazine, "What Am I Offered For This Floppy Disk?", by J. Schlax; June

1990: Forbes Magazine, German, "Computer Art-Drawing with the Mouse", Sept
         Art Journal, "The Digital Revolution: Art in the Computer Age", by C. Goodman
         Christian Science Monitor, "Computer Art Goes From Mechanics to Aesthetics", by L. Van Tuyl, Feb

1989: Business Week, "PC as a Paintbrush", Sept, pg.129
         Kultur Welt, "Hier werden Kommerz und Kunst mit 'C' buchstabiert", by Norbert Messler, March
         64'er Magazine, "Computer Kunst '89", by Andrew Drahiem
         Baltimore Sun, "Artist Calls Computer Just Another Tool", by Henry Scarupa, Today Section, March
         Kunstforum International, "Computer Art", by David Galloway

1988: P.C. Computing,"The Art of Barbara Nessim", 8 color. pgs, Oct
         Bug News, #8 "Art Gallery", 5 color pgs, Japanese, Oct
         Newsweek,"Creative Computers", by Micheal Roberts, Apr 25

1987: Boston Globe, "Upgrading High-tech Art", by Kelly Wise, Dec
         Newsweek on Campus, "Computer Art", March
         Chroma, Interview, "Barbara Nessim On Computer Art", Japan, 1986
         Village Voice, "Fast Forward", by Julia Lisella, Sept 23
         Zoom,"Barbara Nessim", 6 color pgs, French/July, Amer/Sept
         Kunstforum,#82,"Rechnerbilder", by Leopold Rombach, Feb 1985
         Knoxville News-Sentinel, "Barbara Nessim, 'Arc' Angel of Computer Art", by Barbara Aston-Wash, Nov
         Artnews,"The Electronic Palette", by Paul Gardner, Feb

Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazine,"Die Digital Kunst", cover story, 6 color pgs, German

Form 4, 10 color pgs, Korean, April

Interpressgrafik, 3 color pages, Hungarian, April

SOHO News, "Sketchbook" feature, Nov

Rassegna,"Barbara Nessim", cover and feature, Italian

Audience, "Portfolio, Barbara Nessim", cover, 5 color pgs, March/April

New York Magazine,"Between the Lines", Jan 19

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National Publications in which Work has Appeared

1960 to present: Time, Ms, Arts + Architecture, Town and Country, Esquire, New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, The

         Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, and many others too numerous to mention.  

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Selected Books Which Include Work As Feature

2008: Digitale Bildgestaltung by Christine Birkhofer, Pub. Schroedel Verlag, Germany

2005: Scott Foresman Art (Grade 6) by Robin Montana Turner Ph.D., pg. 148–149, Pearson Scott Foresman, IL
         Digital Design Basics by Amy E. Arntson, Thomson Wadsworth Publishing

2004: Art in the Digital Age by Bruce Wands, Thames and Hudson Ltd., UK (in process)

2002: Digital Creativity by Bruce Wands, John Wiley and Sons Pub. NY pgs. 76–79 & color plate 24–25

2001: The Illustrator in America 1860-2000 by Walt Reed, Madison Square Press, NY

         Rolling Stone: The Complete Covers by Jann S. Wenner/Fred Woodward, Harry N. Adams Pub., NY pg. 178

1997: The Golden Age of Magazine Illustration, by Gilles de Burre, pg. 69 & 11, Editions du Collectionneur, Paris

         Pro-Illustration by Jill Bossert (six vol. series) 16 pg feature, international distribution, Madison Square Press, NY

1989: The Illustrators Source Book by Nick and Tessa Souter, Pub. Quarto (England)

1987: Innovators of American Illustration by Steve Heller, Watson Guptil, NY

1986: Contemporary Graphic Artists by Maurice Horn, Vol.1, Gale Research Co. (work in Preface p.7), Overview

         pg.12, 202–206

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Selected Books Which Include Work (from a total of 35 since 1963)

2008: Illustration: Style and Substance A Visual History, by Steven Heller and Seymour Chwast, Pub. Harry N. Abrams,          NY

2002: A Survey of Illustration by Andrew Chang and Julie Lieberman, Pub. Design House, Korea

2001: The Ginza Art Space 1975 to 2000, compiled by Hiroko Tanaka for Shiseido, - Kyuryudo Co. Pub. Toyko, Japan

2000: The Education of an Illustrator, by Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman, Allworth Press, NY

1999: State of the Art Program-Portfolios, by Robyn Montana Turner, pgs.80-81 Barrett Kendall Pub., Ltd, TX

1996: Digitalink: Digital Design and Advertising, Dimensional Illustrators, Inc., Hearst Books Int'l

1995: Illustration, A Working Art •Inventive Worlds• by: Eileen Hogan, Pub. Cambridge Press, England

         The Business of Illustration by Theresa Fernandez & Stephen Heller, Pub. Watson-Guptill, NY

1994: Computer Graphics 2, Pub. Rockport, July; edited by Pat O'Maley

         American Illustration 13, 13th Annual American Illustration book, Pub. Kenneth Fadner, NY

1992: Japan International Contemporary Art Assoc. Annual, Pub. JICAA

1990: New York Art Review by Les Krantz, Pub. American Ref. Inc. Chicago 4th Edition

1988: Print Casebooks 7 1987/1988: The Best in Covers & Posters by Carol Stevens Kner, Pub. RC Publications, Inc.,          Bethesda, MD

1987: Encyclopedia of Visual Ideas by Steven Heller, Pub. Van Nostrand Reinhold

         Digital Visions by Cynthia Goodman, Pub. Harry Abrams

         Paysages Virtuels ("Virtual Landscapes") by Thierry Kuntzel, Pub. Dis Voir (French)

         American Illustration by Edward Booth-Clibborn, Pub. Harry Abrams

         Living With Art by Kathy Bendo, Pub. Random House, NY

1975: Graphic Design by Milton Glaser, Pub. Overlook Press, NY  Plate No. 222

1969: The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, edited by Alan Aldridge, Pub. MacDonald, London  pg. 171, 191

1963: The Beach Book by Gloria Steinem, Pub. Viking Press, NY

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Curatorial & Consultation

2003-6: "Under Cover: The Art of the Graphic Novel", The Norman Rockwell Museum, advisor and selected curators, Nov

1998: "6th Annual NY Digital Salon", School of Visual Arts Museum, Curated Jury, Feb

1997: "5th Annual NY Digital Salon", School of Visual Arts Museum, Curated Jury, Nov

1996: "4th Annual NY Digital Salon", School of Visual Arts Museum, Curated Jury, Nov 11–Dec 6

1989: Philadelphia University of the Arts - Consultant to the Art Department about future Computer Programs

1987: "Computers and the Graphic Designer", Syracuse University, Program Consultant, April

1986: "Women and Technology" exhibition for the Women's Studio Workshop at the Binnewater Art Center,

         Rosendale, New York   June 14–July 11, sponsored by the NEA and NYSCA. Curated show and designed poster

         Participating artists included: • Donna Cohen • Darcy Gerbarg • Barbara Helpern • Alyce Kaprow  • Vibeke

         Sorensen • Joan Truckenbrod • Barbara Nessim  

1984-5: Curated computer art show for Valpariso University's 125 year celebration and inauguration of new Computer

         Science building. Keynote speaker: Robert Hughes, art critic Time Magazine. Participating artists include:
         • Ed Emschwiller • David Em • Darcy Gerbarg • Robin King • Doug McKenna • Barbara Nessim


1984: Curated jury to judge art for publication of the first computer art calendar published by Popular Computing Magazine

         (McGraw Hill). Jury included: • Muriel Cooper - MIT Head of Visible Language Workshop • Cynthia Goodman -

         Guggenheim Museum • Marvin Heiferman - curator and art critic • Barbara London - Museum of Modern Art  

         • Robert Mallary - University of Massachusetts • Barbara Nessim-artist • Fred Parke - NYIT Computer Lab  

         • Valerie Smith - Artist's Space • Robin White - Media Alliance     

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2004-06:       Parsons School of Design - Instructor in Visual Concepts, Drawing and Painting

1992-04:       Parsons School of Design - Chairperson of the Illustration Department

1987-92:       The School of Visual Arts - Masters Program for Computer Art - Portfolio Class - Instructor

1976-92:       Fashion Institute of Technology - Instructor in Drawing and Illustration

1967-87:       The School of Visual Arts - Instructor of Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design and Visual Concepts

1976-84:       Pratt Institute - Instructor in Visual Concepts

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Active Member

GAG • AIGA • ADC • ACM Siggraph • CAA • YLEM • Artists Fellowship • Society of Illustrators • Computer

Graphics Pioneers

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Board of Directors and Advisory Board Positions (selected)

2006-Present: Creative Quaterly, Advisory Board Member
2006-Present: Foster Pride, Board Member
1999-03: NY Foundation of The Arts, (NYFA) Computer Arts Advisor
1999-Present: Norman Rockwell Museum, Board of Trustees Member

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